Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beauty Fix: Battle of the Primers

This week's beauty post is inspired by the search of the best fine line reducing, skin perfecting, photo ready primer there is on the market. To begin with, let's start with two:

left: smashbox photo finish color correcting primer in apricot
right: boots no7 photofix wrinkle filler and primer

Is it me, or am I the only 22 year old seeing laugh lines and wrinkles come in under my eyes? Why at only 22? It constantly pokes the question of 'what will I look like when I'm 30??' while I'm applying my makeup in the mornings. Well, I can't force myself to smile less, and I really don't want to resort to botox later down the road. I don't tan, or smoke, or drink excessive wrinkle inducing amounts. I could probably stop sleeping in my makeup every once in a while, but what's a busy, tired girl to do? Instead of obsessing over it and worrying even more (When I worry, I literally feel wrinkles coming in under my eyes. Scary, right??), I think about what I can do in the here and now to help my complexion. What I've learned is a great primer makes your skin absorb your foundation better and look better. It's as simple as that? Not so; I want to find the perfect do it all primer. I know it'll take time, I can't buy every primer out there on the market here and now, but I can start with baby steps: comparing my preference to a well-known preference out on the market.

My preference right now is No7's photo fix primer. It's part of my every day routine, and you can see the bottle is scratched up by excessive use! It's hypo-allergenic, is very creamy and smooth, goes on colorless, and costs about $20. A well-known industry preference is Smashbox's photo finish primer. The one I have is in apricot and is said to conceal under eye circles, veins and sunspots in addition to regular primer duties, comes in several colors for different skin issues, and is $38. Verdict? Difference? None. 

It's funny how I tested it, I tried one primer on one side of my face and the other on the other side. I won't bore you with pictures of this test, because it'll just be a normal picture of my face. No noticeable difference. Neither one did one thing better than the other. The only big difference for me was that Smashbox actually made my skin feel dry. It didn't go on as smoothly as No7 did. Neither one fills in my laugh lines more than the other, or reduces sun spots or skin discoloration more. 

Advice: If you're purchasing based on performance, I'd stick to No7 (it's half the price and delivers well!). If you're purchasing based on complete experience aka which one makes you feel more pampered, I would go with Smashbox for its great packaging and presentation of the product. 

Either way, I'm still in search of the best one out there. If you have a favorite primer in mind, let me know!


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