Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beauty Fix: OPI Nail Apps

nails: opi nail apps in geometric sparkle

This week, I tried OPI's Pure Lacquer Nail Apps to have a more manicured and fun look. It was quite interesting trying these nail stickers out because I've tried so many other stickers only to find that they were thick and hard to take off. To my surprise, these nail apps are super thin and pretty delicate (it can be a bad thing, makes it slightly harder to apply, but also makes them look less like nail stickers). Overall, I think they are really fun looking, and I received many questions and compliments about them. OPI also has many other cool designs you can view at their site, and they retail for around $12 depending where you purchase them. There are 16 apps in each packet, and it pretty much gives you two full manicures. You decide if it's worth $12 to only use twice. An extra tip: apply a topcoat! In their directions, OPI avoids topcoat, but I found the polish chipping and wearing away the next day without them. They are pretty delicate!

What do you think? Do you like them? 


  1. I like it.It looks ver nice.
    OPI products are anyway great.
    Lovely greets Nessa :-)

    1. Thanks Nessa! Yes, OPI products are always great...just a little skeptical about the chipping on this one! xx