Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beauty Fix: Universal Lipliner

1. Dior, Universal Contour Lipliner, $30 at Sephora
2. Too Faced, Perfect Lips Lipliner, $18.50 at Sephora
3. YBF, Incredibly Invisible Lipliner, $14 at Ulta

I've just discovered a solution to all (most) my lipstick problems. Lip liner has been pretty much as vague a territory as finding the right, magical red lipstick. The looming idea of having to precisely line my lips before smattering on a dramatic color always made me shy away from even purchasing. And, I just don't know which one to buy. Is it supposed to be one shade darker than my lipstick? Lighter? The same color? What I've normally been doing is just lining my lips with the tip of the lipstick as I'm applying. I've been fortunate enough to not have any terrible smudging problems, but having lipstick that's guaranteed to stick is one less girl trouble to deal with through out the day. 
That being said, I've found a one stop solution to my lipliner fear: universal lipliner. These lipliners go on clear or nude, so they can be used with any and all of your lipsticks, easily blend in (duh), and keep your lipstick in place. Crazy, right? No more trying to find a matching lipliner and spending crazy amounts just to wear your favorite pout--these babies seriously do it all. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these. I'll probably test Too Faced first since I trust their products the most. 

Which one will you try?

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