Monday, September 3, 2012

Black on Black

dress: tjmax vest: guess blazer: urban outfitters

A black on black outfit is always fun to play with. I think most of us girls feel out chic-est in an all black outfit. Especially in New York. It's just something about this slimming and sexy color that makes us always want to clad ourselves from head to toe in it. Funny thing, while I was packing for my mini trip to Orlando, I realized that half my clothes including my bathing suit was black. Quite normal for a New Yorker (with our coffee cups too and no I'm not exaggerating about those multiple daily Starbucks runs), but probably a little strange to just about everyone else. Still, every girl has her trusty little black dress tucked away somewhere in her closet. My point being: black is the most fun color to play with/(in). You get my point. Here, I played with a typical black maxi that sans its braided straps has nothing particularly great about it. So, I immediately layer over it. With, of course, a black vest with some cute buttons. From the front, it's pretty cute. Even somewhat interesting. Now, from the back, it is everything. A golden back on top of black with my braided straps poking out. How slimming and makes me want to try to layer another all black outfit. 



  1. Beautiful outfit!!! Love it! :)

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  2. You can never go wrong with black. So classic! I like how the braiding creates textural interest in your outfit. The details of your vest are cool too.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Chictopia, I really like this look on you and the detail of your vest is to die for. Great post, great blog!

    Karen, xo

  4. incredible look!
    you look fantastic!
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