Sunday, September 23, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Baroque

1. baroque print dress: topshop
2. crystal embellished sweater: mango
3. mini saddle purse: coach
4. nude patent leather lace-ups: christian louboutin

I researched more about what 'baroque' really means, and it describes a period of artistic style that used detail to produce drama, tension, and grandeur. Pretty sure that sounds about right, but while you're seeing this print all over sweaters, pants, and dresses in stores, you must be thinking, "how can I pull this off?." A quite dramatic and grand print it is, baroque can also be very charming in doses. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a great baroque jumpsuit with some dramatic merlot lipstick on, but truly not everyone feels this way. So, I wanted to give insight into how you can love this print and wear it in an every day fashion. 
The key thing: accessorize with neutrals. The print is pretty in-your-face, correct? So you want to keep other details neutral such as your purse and shoes and even a layering item. I liked the idea of layering a light grey sweater on top of an over-the-top dress because it calms the outfit and adds a neutral contrast. I chose an embellished sweater to keep up with the baroque 'style': dramatic, embellished, grand. For shoes, choose any neutral shoe, but a nude, patent leather lace-up is a great masculine touch (adds even more drama in a subtle way in my opinion!). I believe baroque color schemes are pretty that it is fall, I'm excited to adopt a piece into my wardrobe!



  1. Wow that dress is absolutely gorgeous! I like the structure of it, it has a lot of volume in the skirt *love!* This was really helpful, Thanks for sharing :-)

    Fashion Burger

  2. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!