Sunday, September 2, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Beauty Edition




makeup: Number 7 primer, Shiseido concealer, Etude house BB cream, VS Pro illuminator, Cover Girl concealer, Maybelline facial powder, Rimmel London eye shadow, Neutrogena Mascara, Vincent Longo cheek and lip stain

I've really wanted to add beauty to my blog for a while now. After interning at Nylon Mag and seeing all the beautiful powders, nail polishes, crazy lipsticks, and expensive skin serums, I fell in love with everything beauty. I used to just buy one product and hope that it'll get the job done, but now I'm all about different choices, experimenting, trying new colors, and adding to my morning routine. A good way to kick off my beauty segments I'd post about once a week, is to show you what I do every morning. There are many steps and quite a few products, but I have this fresh daily make up routine that's doable in 10 minutes. Here are my steps!

1. I start with a primer to fill in pores and creases and make my skin absorb my foundation better. I love Number 7's primer, it's silky and definitely makes all the difference in the world!
2. I cover my under eye circles first. They are always thick and hard to cover, but I find patting it on in two layers helps the most. Shiseido's concealer stick is very smooth to the touch and covers well.
3. Next, for summer, I mix my BB cream from Etude House, a Korean brand, (I've been using this one for two years now. It's dependable, but I would like to try an American brand just so I can easily buy it. Anyone have suggestions?) with an illuminator. It gives my skin a dewy glow while giving me enough coverage.
4. Afterwards, I have to prime my eyes with another concealer and usually just blend it in with facial powder. Maybelline's powder matches my tone well and caters to my sensitive skin.
5. Afterwards, I use two neutral shade eye shadows. One in nude that just adds shimmer and a darker shadow that I use along my crease line. It gives contrast but isn't too heavy, so I can wear it every day.
6. Afterwards, I always put on eye liner and extend the wings outward. It's enough drama during daytime!
7. Lastly, I put on some mascara and stain my cheeks. 

It sounds like a lot, but each step takes a few seconds. Overall, I just like to have a fresh and clean complexion with enough subtle drama for an every day look.

What do you think? What are your favorite products? I'm always looking for new things to try!


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  1. I strongly suggest applying eyeshadow with a good quality primer (Stila Primer Pot, Urban Decay Primer Potion) so that the pigmentation stays in tact and you don't end up having tons of powder on your eyes with not much color.. Other then that, lovely tutorial :)

    Followed you; your fashion sense is stellar x