Thursday, September 20, 2012

Street Style Trending: Statement Necklaces and Tees

images taken from fashionologie

white tee: topshop, necklace: lulu frost for jcrew
striped tee: madewell, necklace: forever21
heather grey tee: see by chloe, necklace: jcrew

A simple trend that I've been spotting at NYFW and LNFW has been the understated tee with the overstated necklace. To me, it's a perfect casual element in an outfit that lets you splurge elsewhere (say in an unbalanced feather skirt or with a bold striped pant). The simple tee is easily matched in any outfit, but the over the top baubles brings in some extra glamour. It can polish off your relaxed clothing, or instantly make your dressed up duds more casual and seemingly chicer. There's something about looking effortless, even though we all know how hard you tried. 

No matter--I'm instantly won over by this look. I've realized I like to dress dramatically. There needs to be some kind of dramatic shape, color, print, texture (really anything) to make me feel satisfied in what I'm wearing. These overstated, shiny necklaces brings the extra it factor into any outfit I'd love to wear, and I must say how easy it is to replicate. JCrew has some gorgeous statement necklaces out right now, but for the penny saving lunch making girl who's trying to just afford New York, I was surprised by how many great necklaces Forever21 has out now. 

So go ahead, indulge in this look. Know that it can be done without breaking bank, just remember to mix it up and bring some attitude/drama to your outfit!

Tomorrow is Friday...really? Yay!


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