Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marc Jacobs

bracelet: marc jacobs

Met some new friends over the weekend and went shopping in the West Village. Visited the Marc Jacobs store down there near Magnolia Bakery. The store has two rooms: one for small accessories at a lower price point and the other for RTW and higher price point jewelry. Needless to say, I can only afford to stay in one of the rooms, but there I spotted this bracelet. It's a simple gold bangle with heart clasps and a delicate feel. I immediately fell in love and wanted to adopt the bracelet into my steadily growing gold jewelry collection. You can tell some of the obsession from below:

accessories: forever21, aland, jewelmint, marc jacobs, eugenia kim, ring by dani stahl

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memories and Discoveries 1.30.12

The Pine restaurant in Brooklyn...blowtorching autumn herbs and citrus peels for a cocktail? I have to try.

amazing doorknobs at a church in the west village

Silver framed Octopus Diptych...intense and whimsical painting like this is insane and too fun

central park is so picturesque at times (photo by me)
Travel envelope in black python, would love to have a reason to carry this around

at a fabric and accessories store in midtown...craving to create

halloween costume on saturday...put on some dark clothing and slap on makeup, channeling zombie

pretty flowers in bryant park, afraid they are probably all damaged from hurricane sandy :/ 
photo on my instagram @christinejeanhopkins

Just some things in my week that I'd like to catalogue in my mind!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Gearing Up for Rainy Weather

details at polyvore

A hurricane is supposed to hit NYC soon, so I've stocked up on food, water and other necessities for the next few days. The news on TV is constantly warning people not to travel, or go outside, so instead I'm at home dreaming of Burberry trench coats and the pair of Dr. Marten's that I want. Like anything else we put on, rain wear can be worn as a fashion statement. I love the idea of wearing neon parkas with fashionable weather proof boots, or of having a great printed umbrella always on hand. It's these little accessories and useful pieces within our wardrobe that make a chic statement--even through the worst weather when you'd think twice about wearing your favorite pieces outside. 

Hope you find a favorite combination, some inspiration and are all safe inside!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Spirit

sweater: joe fresh, blouse: forever21, skirt: gift, zig zag tights: hue, heels: premium line by soda

Love the comfort and breeziness of this outfit. I crave fall for the chunky knits, rich color and cool weather. Went to Bryant Park yesterday for a midday break and watched them build the ice arena. It feels like every single day, New York is changing in some shape or form--just like fall leaves. Love a new season and a change.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Buys

sweaters: joe fresh here and similar here
knitted top and skirt: forever21 here and similar here

Ever wake up to your closet screaming, "update mee!"? Happened to me last week. The warm days of summer have completely turned into the cold nights of fall (not terribly cold yet!), and my closet stands limp and chilly. I thought, "why not? Let's do a few subtle updates." Basics. Sweaters. Blouses. Wearable items for many changes of Fall to come. My metallic mini skirt was an unplanned purchase, but once I was inside Forever21 scouting for a specific oxblood blouse I saw online that came in an extra small, my hands unknowingly reached for them. One minute I was perusing a blouse section and the next I found myself picking up the skirt literally not remembering how I got there. No matter, a great purchase it is. I'm excited for these items and to see how they will change my wardrobe. I can already tell the countless outfits these will make, even when paired all together. Chunky and knitted, oxblood (or maybe cranberry) and metallic. Loving the materials.

Any great buys lately?


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: The New Peplum

details via polyvore

I've been in love with the peplum shape since I was a little girl. Seeing it in movies on beautiful ladies clad in over-the top-gowns and expensive clothing (aka cinderella) made me fall in love with the pretty regal style. These days, I get to enjoy seeing peplum shape in an every day trend. It instantly makes a woman's outfit very feminine but strong with its distinctive shape, and it looks wonderful on most. But as the seasons go on and on, and my eyes catch the shape daily--whether on a top, skirt, dress or jacket--and 'the peplum' seems to lose its regality. I mean, everyone can attest--too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Sow now, I've been into reviving the peplum with new twists: 

1. Try a relaxed peplum shape where the bottom half of your shirt drapes rather than flares.
2. Find a peplum top (or dress) in an interesting material. I love lace tops or for drama try sequins.
3. Wear new forms of the peplum, it comes in many shapes and sizes. I love a little side flaring on a nice pencil skirt

These are my quick tips of the week :) Happy shopping!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Discovering this

Scotch eggs recipe from The Fat Radish (NYC restaurant I want to try!)

Outdoor Paris apartment I've been dreaming about while looking here

perfect princess skirt at Anthropologie

definitely want to make a book out of my instagram photos like this blogger!

If you have any really cool discoveries like recipes, restaurants, shops, cool websites, I'd love to know. It never kills to try something new :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Spent some time looking through lookbooks of favorite designers and past seasons. Wanted some inspiration for fall and building a long lasting closet. Love the mix of Dries' serious silhouettes and colors with Cotelac's relaxed menswear inspired line. I'm looking for items that stand in the middle or merge the two ideas together. I love the geometric lines in Chanel and how it turns classic into contemporary, vintage with modern twists. I've been wanting to gain more staples in my wardrobe that boast of lasting fashions whether vintage or modern. Fast fashion has tired me out, though I won't stop going to Zara or H&M, lasting fashions can be found at both too. This fall, I'll be searching for deep rich colors, fur accents, geometric prints, lasting trousers and suits. 

What's inspiring your wardrobe this fall?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty Fix: Light Shimmer Nails

2 coats of china glaze in inner beauty
1 coat of cnd in emerald shimmer
1 coat of face it

VoilĂ !