Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Spent some time looking through lookbooks of favorite designers and past seasons. Wanted some inspiration for fall and building a long lasting closet. Love the mix of Dries' serious silhouettes and colors with Cotelac's relaxed menswear inspired line. I'm looking for items that stand in the middle or merge the two ideas together. I love the geometric lines in Chanel and how it turns classic into contemporary, vintage with modern twists. I've been wanting to gain more staples in my wardrobe that boast of lasting fashions whether vintage or modern. Fast fashion has tired me out, though I won't stop going to Zara or H&M, lasting fashions can be found at both too. This fall, I'll be searching for deep rich colors, fur accents, geometric prints, lasting trousers and suits. 

What's inspiring your wardrobe this fall?


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