Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memories and Discoveries 1.30.12

The Pine restaurant in Brooklyn...blowtorching autumn herbs and citrus peels for a cocktail? I have to try.

amazing doorknobs at a church in the west village

Silver framed Octopus Diptych...intense and whimsical painting like this is insane and too fun

central park is so picturesque at times (photo by me)
Travel envelope in black python, would love to have a reason to carry this around

at a fabric and accessories store in midtown...craving to create

halloween costume on saturday...put on some dark clothing and slap on makeup, channeling zombie

pretty flowers in bryant park, afraid they are probably all damaged from hurricane sandy :/ 
photo on my instagram @christinejeanhopkins

Just some things in my week that I'd like to catalogue in my mind!


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