Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: The New Peplum

details via polyvore

I've been in love with the peplum shape since I was a little girl. Seeing it in movies on beautiful ladies clad in over-the top-gowns and expensive clothing (aka cinderella) made me fall in love with the pretty regal style. These days, I get to enjoy seeing peplum shape in an every day trend. It instantly makes a woman's outfit very feminine but strong with its distinctive shape, and it looks wonderful on most. But as the seasons go on and on, and my eyes catch the shape daily--whether on a top, skirt, dress or jacket--and 'the peplum' seems to lose its regality. I mean, everyone can attest--too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Sow now, I've been into reviving the peplum with new twists: 

1. Try a relaxed peplum shape where the bottom half of your shirt drapes rather than flares.
2. Find a peplum top (or dress) in an interesting material. I love lace tops or for drama try sequins.
3. Wear new forms of the peplum, it comes in many shapes and sizes. I love a little side flaring on a nice pencil skirt

These are my quick tips of the week :) Happy shopping!


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