Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY: Bejeweled Headband

Make your own bejeweled headband:


3 ways to wear it:

Cost: Less than $20 depending on how many gems purchased

Braided headband (similar here)
gems of 3-4 different shapes and sizes
hot glue gun

1. After gathering all supplies together, finalize the design you want on your headband by laying out the gems on the table.
2. Next, with a hot glue gun start glueing the gems to the headband. I applied the glue directly to the headband then placed the gems on top, it helped me keep my design straight and neat.
3. Hold down each gem after glueing for 15 seconds to make sure it stays on.
4. At the end, you can check your design and fix any imperfections. Since you're using a hot glue gun, the gems can be removed and replaced fairly easily.
5. Enjoy and try your headband in different ways! 

Making this headband was very simple and fun. I initially came up with the idea because I had the braided headband on hand except it didn't match my hair color. So, I couldn't wear the headband by itself, but I still wanted to somehow use it. I came up with the idea of adding gems to it instead to make it more appealing and cover the mismatched color. To find the gems, I went to the supply stores within NYC, but if you don't have any craft stores nearby, I saw some cool wholesale gems on eBay. To create the actual headband was pretty easy, and I say it takes less than 15 minutes. I'm pretty excited about the finished product!

What do you think?



  1. AHHH! I LOVE this! I really want to do this! Looks very easy and simple!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, you should totally make one, very easy and inexpensive! Much fun :)