Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cheer in the City

Some of the scenes I tried to capture during Christmas day. Honestly, this winter hasn't felt holiday-ish enough for me. No constant cheer or winter break (which is a month of lounging, meeting up with old friends and prepping your stomach for holiday gorging). So in lou of my holiday spirit, I tried visiting the tree on christmas day. Fun fact: the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center this year was chopped down from my home town in jersey. Sad to say, the tree in person was quite sparse, but I still have pride in knowing that tree grew up with me! On Christmas day, the tree was extremely crowded, so I kept asking myself what are all those people doing crowding around the tree and gawking? Then, I reminded myself that I am one of those people, and I should stop being such a grinch. My day got better as I proceeded downtown to a favorite italian restaurant for dinner reservations, only to find the restaurant was actually closed (serves me right for reserving online?). Scrapped italian food for indian, was a little disappointed, but looking back it's all too funny. Another story to go into the story book and to remind me to plan better next year. Speaking of next year, I still have nye to look forward too :) Hope everyone had a happy holiday time!


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