Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Holiday Look 1--The Embellished Tuxedo

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December has finally come alongside the 25 days of christmas countdown on every channel and website. Ever since scarfing down that turkey and buttery mashed potatoes, time has flown by and isn't stopping anytime soon. Though still 23 days away, you now feel as if you have no time to decide what to wear to all the parties (yes, you are so popular!...) you are invited to. What to do now???
Holiday outfit styling is probably up there on my 'favorite things to do' list. I define my holiday outfits by the 3 S's-simplicity, sleekness and shimmer. It's all about luxe dressing, and I want to provide inspiration and tips for looking your best all through out the holidays. My first look--a revisited tuxedo look with embellished details. 
I've spoken about a tuxedo or two piece before and its powers to pull together any look. I've also mentioned how it merges feminine and masculine elements for a subtle and empowering sexiness that every girl should indulge in. For my first holiday look, I chose to revisit this look and get it ready for the holidays. Primarily, I used pieces with embellishments to pair together for a shimmery effect. The trick for pairing many embellished pieces together is to make sure that they don't overpower each other--this is where simplicity really comes into play. What I love the most about the tuxedo outfit is that it can really take you from party to party. Appropriate at an apartment party your friend is hosting for NYE or grabbing drinks at an upscale lounge, a dinner party downtown or a simple date--it'll always make you look your best.

More outfits to come during the countdown to the holidays!


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