Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Everyday Wear Bathing Suit

Graduation and summer is less than two weeks away! With that in mind, perhaps you've already bought your summer bathing suit. Tired of just staring at it and not having an excuse to wear it? You don't need to wait for beach weather, learn how to incorporate your bathing suit into an every day outfit. I used We Are Handsome bathing suits (gushing!!) to demonstrate!

details here

Pair your bikini top with high waisted jeans to not show too much skin. Top with a mesh shirt to still expose the bikini top. A bikini top with underwire would work best in this situation since it still provides an ample amount of support. Finish off with summer accessories!

details here

Take your once piece suit out for a nighttime look. Keep your staples simple with a white boyfriend blazer, subtle ombre pants, and black heels. Instead, add accents by accessorizing with a neon clutch and quartz crystal bangle. 



Friday, April 27, 2012


photographer: Kevin Hsia
check him out at & facebook
Self styled

Here are some finished images from the photo shoot I gave a preview to. You could've imagined my giddiness when opening the email my friend and photographer, Kevin Hsia, sent me. After all, I was quite worried how my modeling skills (never really modeled before) would translate during an actual shoot. The outcome: absolutely beautiful, but only to the credit of my photographer. Being on set with him was very enjoyable with his relaxed and casual mood. As we tried different lightings and poses, he had such a unique way of photographing. I was pleasantly surprised and quite happy when Kevin stuck to shooting with film instead of going digital, something that's uncommon now. While he would make me sit for a few minutes before capturing the 'perfect shot,' I felt realer and more like myself instead of a plastic doll hidden behind the flashing lights on a set. I love the shadowing and contrasts of the photos, it portrayed my idea for this shoot. I was inspired by what we are all inspired and driven by in fashion: beauty.

To me, beauty isn't always found in the common understanding of the word. A person, an emotion, a face does not have to be glittering, shiny, or seemingly new. Beauty can be seen everywhere, coming to form through the contrasts of the brightness and darkness that we all carry. 

I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There's no one definition and no one look. Instead, anything can be beautiful when looked at with the proper heart.

Thanks again to Kevin for the wonderful pictures, and stay tuned for more.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Are Handsome

I came across We Are Handsome a little while ago and was blown away by their pieces. A few weeks ago, I did a post about screen printing or digital prints. I wrote about how I was obsessed with this new technique seen on the runways, and We Are Handsome is definitely feeding my obsession right now. Their images are stunning and exciting with versatility in each piece. I'm in love and waiting for their runway show coming up during fashion week in Australia! I'm sure We Are Handsome will be turning heads for a while, keeping audiences and fans pining for their one-of-a-kind pieces each season.

Hope I can get my hands on one of their pieces! Skip the beach, I'd run around town in it!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Suit

One look I'm dying to wear for this summer is the "summer suit." Often, I wonder how can I still look very polished during spring or summer while beating the heat? Since I'm inherently attracted to menswear inspired designs, I've found my solution. I love the polished effect of a matching blazer and shorts. The shorts keep the outfit cool while the blazer keeps the outfit structured. I love the pop of color and black lining on H&M's take in their Conscious Collection. Other options I want to try include a matching set in all white, floral print, or a light pastel. Getting extremely excited for summer! :)


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Preview of In the Studio with Kevin J Hsia

photograph by Kevin J. Hsia
check him out at & facebook

Here's a preview to a photo shoot I had with my good friend and ever so talented photographer, Kevin Hsia. It was an honor to be photographed by him, and I thank him so much for the beautiful photos and fun time! I will be releasing the images in three installments, stay tuned! 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Hunger Games Edition

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I'm pretty obsessed with the Hunger Games. Admittedly, I only read the books after I saw the movie first. My boyfriend and I caught the midnight showing of the movie on its debut night. We bought tickets on a complete whim not really knowing what the books were about. We just knew it was a big deal when people were already lining up around 5 or 6 pm outside of the theater when the doors would open to the movie at 11:30 pm. We got in line at about 9:30-10:00 pm ourselves knowing that the line would be wrapped around the theater and down the block. And we were right. People were lined up in massive groups, taking turns leaving for food or drinks, or saving spots for friends. It was pretty crazy! But, not as crazy as the actual movie. Knowing nothing about what I was getting myself into, I was pretty hooked from the very beginning. I was entranced by Effie Trinket's wild hair and makeup, the whole idea about the Games, the cute boy who played Gale...the list goes on and on really. One thing I do know, is after the movie was finished and I returned back to campus, I read all 3 books in about 3 days. And after the books, I was still obsessed, really wanted bird printed everything and watched tutorials on how to braid my hair like Katniss' signature braid. A little less than a month later, I'm still obsessed and thought it'd be a good outlet to express my obsessiveness by posting about it.

So, if I was currently Katniss, or if she was present in today's world, I would dress her like this:

details here

I love Asos' skater dress in a seemingly fiery print! Pretty much goes with the title, and should be complimented with sharp accessories such as Alexander McQueen's skull purse, a spiked necklace, and a very rock and roll leather bootie. Contrast it all with a green hooded parka to keep the 'huntress' side of Katniss!

details here

For in the arena, I dressed Katniss in a simple t-shirt and pants for comfort (I wonder if leather is comfortable to run in...? At least she'll be warm!) Used a graphic tee, leather pants and studded boots for a more rugged look, and topped with again a signature green hooded parka. Of course, finish it off with Katniss' signature braid!

And lastly, I'm currently eyeing some items on my Hunger Games wish list:

details here

I'm wondering which one I should purchase. I searched for bird and leaf prints to signify the mockingjay (sadly, I can't get a mockingjay print..they are not real!!) and the forest for the games. So, should I go with Asos' swallow bangles or Anthropologie's leaf photo petal tee dress? Decisions decisions! 
One thing I'll definitely be sporting is Katniss' signature braid all summer long to beat the heat and still have great hair :)


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The greyest affair

shirt: asos, pants: h&m, cardigan: purchased in korea, beaded purse: forever21, bracelet: asos, shoes: perche
photograph taken by Tasia Malliaras 

The past few days have been pretty chilly to say the least. Despite the sunny weather, I've taken to my winter coat once again only to have those around me stare at my chunky, grey wool coat. I'm not really good at tolerating the cold, or the heat, or just really any extreme weather. The outfit is from a few days ago, and I remember waking up to bright and sunny weather sitting outside of my window. You know, just another 70 degree day like usual, but of course, I was wrong. I looked up the weather on my mac and was pretty surprised. 40-50 degree weather and 50-60 degrees for the rest of the week. No! Spring was surely here, but it's gone as quickly as it came. I don't know when it'll return to the warm short-sporting weather out here in the midwest. It put me in a pretty grey mood that I translated into my outfit. 

I've been sticking out like a sore thumb on campus while covering myself in greys and blacks against everyone's still bright and spring cheer colors. Props to everyone who can still stand the cold in your shorts and tees!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Easter Nails

nail file: urban outfitters, nail polish: face it, top coat: sally hansen

Had the inspiration of a speckled Easter Egg for my DIY. I also referenced this (awesome) nail DIY from Lauren Conrad's blog. I like the subtlety of the nail and how it slightly shines and glitters in the sunlight.

If you'd like to recreate, here are the steps:
1. Gather all the supplies you need (paper towel, nail file, nail polish of choice, top coat, and cosmetic wedge)
2. Take the nail polish and paint the edge of the cosmetic wedge
3. Pat the cosmetic wedge onto the paper towel to get rid of excess nail polish (too much will make it come out clumpy)
4. start patting across your nail as if you'd speckle an egg. Add as much nail polish as you'd like. You can make it very subtle and light, or add more glimmer.
5. Clean excess nail polish off your cuticles and skin
6. Put on a top coat and enjoy!

Feel free to recreate with other colors of nail polish. The next color I'll try this trick on is neon yellow on top of a white base. I'll let you know how it goes!

Here's a closer image of the finished nails:

Enjoy and hope you've had a Happy Easter!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Madewell Fall '12

Madewell Fall 2012 preview, all images from fashionologie

Campus has been back to cold. It's strange, one day we are running around in shorts sweating, the next we are turning the heat on in our apartment. Guess that whole 'spring is already here' thing was just a fluke. But, in any case, this weather makes me crave fall again. As much as I'm looking forward to sipping on margaritas on my patio during summertime, fall sweaters always has a way with my heart. Saw the preview of Madewell, and really liked the use of greens, eclectic mixes of prints and fabrics, and the almost unexpected details (reference the bow tie, fur trims, scarf on backpack). I think this pretty much sums up the essence of my style: very mixed, not following one trend but perhaps pairing a bunch together to create a new (mutant form) of a trend, and playing with color.

Will be sporting it in fall.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vogue Japan: The Girl Who Rocks the Planet

Vogue Japan April 2012, Model: Aline Weber Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura Stylist: Anna Dello Russo

Saw these images a while ago and was captivated by everything sequinned, studded, and bedazzled. Vogue Japan's April issue featuered model Aline Weber in glamourous futuristic styled clothing while out and about on the streets shopping? Regardless of the backdrop, I think Aline Weber's standout confidence and Anna Dello Russo's over the top styling won me over, and yes, convinced me that she is the girl who rocks the planet. Did you double take at the lion headed fur jacket? Or what about the fangs on the jacket? Oh and, I'm loving the Hello Kitty clutch. I should go to Japan and collect some Hello Kitty couture pieces myself....


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Flower Power

details at polyvore

When florals are around, it's always a signal that spring is coming, and soon we'll all be bathing in sunlight, warmth and cool breezes. It always gets me really excited to think about spring and the wonderful prints that come with it. If I had it my way, I'd encourage floral printing from head-to-toe as above. The more the merrier right? I think with this season, prints are making such a huge come back, it's justifiable to walk down the street covered in only prints. However, for Simple Styling Sundays, I've also illustrated how to style with just one center piece: a floral blazer. Though floral pants have been in trend for a while now, I thought it'd be fun to take a look at another piece:

details at polyvore

The key to styling with a center piece is to never over power it. With this pastel floral blazer, it could get quite tricky. So I complimented with only a few like delicate colors, and kept the accessories as neutral as possible. I really like the femininity of the color palette slightly contrasting with the masculinity of the blazer, collared blouse, boyfriend watch and boots. It's a great mixture that keeps the outfit 'pretty,' but also mature. 

Spring has definitely arrived on campus, and when I walk down the streets, I am met with light floral fragrances hanging in the air. Makes me so happy!

Hope this post has you smelling roses :)