Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Golden Skies

shirt: forever21 korea, jacket: street shopping, leggings: h&m, headband: eugenia kim, sandals: michael kors

If you can't tell,  my inspiration for my outfit was centered around gold. I bought my sheer jacket from while street shopping in Korea for around $4. Seriously. This Opening Ceremony like jacket was tucked away in a rack staying untouched until its shimmer caught my eye. Though at first I only saw a small portion of it, I was immediately intrigued by it after pulling it off the rack. I didn't even try it on. It went immediately home with me, and though the shape and size might not be exact, I still love the jacket minus its itchy fabric and the fact that it was really $4. I accented with soft oranges on my lips and my purse with dark elements such as my nails, ring, and shoes. This is definitely under one of my favorite outfits of the summer...it's just something completely new.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Summer sales make great Fall buys

In columns from top left to right: topshop stingray sandals- $30, asos french connection silver ring- $13.62, urban outfitters wedges- $14.99, urban outfitters metallic purse- $34.99, topshop blue tencel tee- $40, asos braided belt- $8.52, asos black loafers with tassels- $37.47, urban outfitters cat eye sunglasses- $6.99, topshop red belted skirt- $20,  asos fuchsia leather gloves- $37.47, asos orange satchel- $51.09, asos snakeskin umbrella- $13.62, topshop metallic heels- $40, topshop white midi dress- $80   
This post was inspired by my trip to Urban Outfitters yesterday, during which I scored a pair of new sandals (posted on my instagram @christinejeanhopkins) for $13.99. It was such a steal, I was inspired to look around at all the sales. By this time, all the stores are stacked with fall wear, so they are generously marking down on summer items. The best part is that most summer items are still wearable even through out fall. So, get your summer to fall steals now (reference an old post). I picked out some great staples and what will still be trending: metallics, animal prints, brights, loafers, and midi lengths. I'm always out to prove a point: great style can come at any price.

Hope you have a great shopping Sunday/Monday!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Casually Breezy

skull printed blouse: street boutique, bracelet: forever21, heels: michael kors, belts: urban outfitters

I must say, this blouse is probably my favorite shirt ever. Its skull print sheerness with a low collar and baggy effect makes this the breeziest blouse with such a fashionable loose fitting. It's definitely one of a kind--I haven't come across a look a like yet. I wore this on a hot day and styled it with loose shorts and easy heels that finishes every outfit. Slouchy, breezy, and easy.



Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink and Delicate

shirt: h&m, romper: vintage, bracelet: forever21

I wore this outfit to my first shoot of the summer. I'm so incredibly in love with this pink chiffon shirt from h&m. It's just very simple yet so chic. I loved layering it over a romper that was my mother's way before being mine. I think the high front and low back really sums up what I love about this outfit. I accented with all gold accessories and kept hair simple.

What do you think?


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Travel Edition 2

cosmetic bag: sonia kashuk

Since last weekend I was on vacation, I decided to do a post about traveling bags again. If you missed my first traveling necessity post, pretty much I gushed about how important it is to have a cosmetic bag. Now, I'm gushing about which one I'm completely in love with. I took this Sonia Kashuk bag with me to orlando. It's a compact bag with two sides. One side for cosmetics, and the other side comes with two convenient smaller pouches for whatever you'd like. I was able to fit all my make up, hair care, and necessities in this one tiny case. It fit into my carry on bag with the rest of my clothes and such with a light weight feel. It's just so useful and convenient, but also eye catching. Purple lining on a grey snakeskin print is just a no brainer. In love and obsessed!

Love my bag? Stay tuned for my first giveaway :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fishtail Skirt

shirt: forever21, skirt: purchased in korea, scarf: chinatown, necklace: swarovski crystal heart

It's always good to dress up on vacation. Maybe, to be even more outrageous/adventurous...why? Because you're on vacation. Make it feel like one! I love this outfit, especially the skirt. My mom brought it for me from some little shop in Korea. I love when she surprises me with little goodies like these! It's something she's been doing since I was a child. It started with lipglosses from Walmart and now has progressed into fashion steals. The skirt is quite whimsical and flows beautifully behind me when I walk around. I complimented it with a flowing sheer shirt from forever21. It has arm slits, but I guess you can't really tell from here. It's not too sheer of a shirt. With a black bra on, you can hardly tell that its sheer. It's very my style--more conservative. I've been wearing my scarf from china town as a headscarf all weekend long to recreate that vacation getaway look. It adds more glamour in my opinion. Finished with a swarovski heart pendant on a black rope (which by the way goes with everything. yay!), and my mom's vacation flip flops. Perfect outfit for the breeze in Florida and a night out. 

Wish I was back with those palm trees behind me!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


poolside belongings 

my mom!
her pretty nails!
These are some of my vacation photos from Orlando. It was so relaxing to just escape the city for a weekend. I always feel like I need to get out of NYC for some fresh air, but then again, too long from the city makes me antsy. So, a weekend is perfect. I stayed at the Hilton Orlando and had no reason to step outside of the hotel for anything. Orlando had such gorgeous weather, and the poolside was so calm. My weekend was filled with eating and spending time with my mom. It was perfect besides all the delays in flights getting there and home. I'd love a life where I can vacation every weekend. Just go somewhere new. It'd be so refreshing, and would make me appreciate New York even more. Though I was sad to leave after a day and a half, the city was calling me back.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orlando for the weekend

Packed for my weekend getaway!


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flowers and Stripes

top: tj maxx, shorts: h&m, necklace: zara, nails: sonia kashuk

This is probably by far one of my favorite outfits this summer. It just screams summertime with an open back, boxy shirt and floral shorts. These h&m shorts were a steal for about $20, and I probably wear them every week. I don't know if you can tell, but my shirt is a deep green color with a pearlescent shine. I love the open back especially since you can only tell the back opens when I lift my arms. I'm a little conservative in that way. But anyways, flowers and stripes are always a good combination, so I paired these two together, wore a neon necklace for some pop, and tied the colors in with a grey sweater. It was flowy, it was fun, it was summer!