Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chocolate Drizzled Peppermint Popcorn

--1 bag of popcorn (I recommend a salty popcorn to compliment the chocolate)
--handful of chocolate chips (I used semisweet, and you don't need too many)
--1 candy cane
--1 tsp of water

--Place popcorn in microwave and cook, once finished take out and place popcorn on a tray to cool
--Fill a small pot half way with water and set to boil
--Put chocolate chips in a bowl that will fit inside your pot, once water starts to boil place bowl on top of pot
--Crush the candy cane finely while the chocolate melts (I used the bottom of a mug to do the crushing)
--Chocolate should pretty much melt within two minutes, use a whisk to stir around until chocolate is very smooth (chocolate should be ready within 5 minutes)
-After chocolate is fully melted, take off stove and add 1 tsp of water to thin for drizzling
--Use whisk to drizzle all over popcorn until desired amount
--Drizzle peppermint all over popcorn and chocolate until desired amount
--Place tray in refrigerator to harden chocolate (approx. 1 hr) 

It's super easy to make with a sweet and salty finish. You can garnish with any type of candy or even chopped nuts, but I really like the hint of peppermint in every bite. It's the best way to use up your left over holiday candy. If you've gone on a diet or New Year cleanse, then this snack is very light and won't make you feel guilty :)


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