Sunday, January 27, 2013

Simple Styling Sundays: Faking Couture

chanel couture ss'13

dior couture ss'13

giambattista valli couture ss'13

jean paul gaultier couture ss'13

armani prive couture ss'13

What exactly is couture? By definition, 'couture' means: "high dressmaking" i.e. custom fitted tailoring for a specific customer that involves very detailed hand-executed techniques and expensive fabrics. More recently, couture has been confused with prêt-à-porter which is actually ready to wear. Many/most couture houses have a RTW line, possibly because it's more profitable. Some probably produce a RTW line to fund their couture line. Way back when, Couture was/(still is?) reserved for celebrities and society's elite where fashion houses custom fit special items just for them. The only thing is, these days I feel that the expanse of high-fashion RTW lines and fast-fashion really blurs the line between what is considered couture and what isn't. If you think about it, couture is meant to be selective. But take a look at my favorite couture looks above, with fast fashion power brands like Zara that takes 2 weeks to copy and produce a runway look, you can certainly emulate some of the seen above. So then, is couture really still that selective if we can all get our hands on look-alikes? In a literal sense, yes...our off the hanger pieces don't come with personal tailoring sessions. What if we take our RTW to tailors and then get them custom fitted? Can we call it couture? I know Paris has all these rules blah blah blah about what is considered Haute Couture and what isn't, buuuuuttttt I'm starting to see the gap between high fashion and every day consumers close more and more. The world is getting smaller, so let me help you get started on your 'couture' closet:

details at polyvore

These pieces are off the hanger, so paying attention to fit is really important (always important, but verrry important here!). My idea of high-fashion couture-like pieces includes things with sheen, made of silks or laces, intricate beading, sheers and chiffons. Be adventurous and try pairing fitted trousers under sweeping dresses, lace bodices with silk jackets, or place a chiffon skirt under a dress to add volume!

Enjoy :)