Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barney's Warehouse Sale: Loeffler Randall

shoes: loeffler randall

My first and unfortunately last find at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Supposedly, starting next season, the warehouse sale will focus only on menswear. BUT, Barneys has a warehouse sale online that is 24/7, so I guess I can still snag some good deals. I'm so happy with my purchase. I was first introduced to Loeffler Randall during my internship at Nylon in the closet. While digging through the hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes, I remember coming across a beautiful fish scale pump and feeling my jaw drop to the floor. As the summer went by, whenever I saw a shoe that I secretly wanted to take home in the closet, it was none other than Loeffler Randall. So when I saw them at the warehouse, even though they weren't the Manolo steal that is rumored of this legendary sale, I held on to them knowing that they would deliver. As soon as I slipped my feet in and saw how these heels elongated my legs instead of awkwardly chopping them off at the ankles, I packed them up and headed to check out. I always knew I'd be a Loeffler girl...a girl of a certain kind of sophistication. 

Ever scored a great sale at Barney's or elsewhere?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Second look at Milly Fall'13

For Fall, Michelle Smith was inspired by lights at night, especially in the West Village. She took photos of lights and transposed them onto shirts and skirts. Isn't that amazing? She also added holograms and iridescence to leathers for the bright shine that neon street signs and lights create in the night pitted against dark, glittery cement. What I sincerely love about this collection is that it is all about New York. As silly as it sounds, sometimes I feel like I am in a relationship with New York, this strange kind of romance, and this collection is the perfect tribute. So come Fall (it's a very shop-able collection), I must get my hands on a holographic crocodile pullover, or an iridescent metallic black leather skirt, and wear it around nyc.

Sorry for the quick writing. I wrote a review on Milly's show for Second City Style that can be viewed here.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

NYFW FW'13: Outfit 2

blouse+skirt: forever21
tights: hue
coat+purse+shoes: purchased in korea

Burgundy. Metallics. Dots.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

NYFW FW'13: Outfit 1

coat: asos
skirt: theory
sweater: joe fress
legwear: hue
purse: korea
shoes: premium soda

Wore this outfit to the first day of my first fashion week. What memories! I was going to the Tadashi Shoji show and admittedly dressed quite reminiscent of a school girl. It didn't happen on purpose, but 10 minutes before I was going to leave my apartment, the original leather boots I wanted to wear (they are bedazzled with a fur rim and tassels!!) went through a malfunction :(....I was forced to ditch the knee high boots for knee high socks and thus looked even more like a school girl. Oops! At least I had a great time!


Friday, February 8, 2013

NYFW FW'13: Tadashi Shoji

images via style.com

Officially the first runway show I have been to! And what a beautiful collection to see. The inspiration behind Shoji's Fall'13 collection was the Russian Empire--very winter-like and dark. It's from the time when the Russian Empire fell and aristocrats fled to Siberia in peasant clothing. The collection is the marriage of the rich and poor, experimenting with lace and burnouts. I was intrigued by the guipure lace dresses in gray and mauve above. Guipure lace is a large lace without netting--something most of us aren't used to seeing today. Punchy red accents added drama as I imagined the fall of the Russian Empire in my head (with help from the requiem of a dream-esque music at the show). The end look was a long winter white gown covered in sheer, bright blue lace with a capelet draped over, signifying the escape of the aristocrat woman. The only disappointing part of Shoji's show was that his beautiful gowns aren't for the every day RTW, but something tells me, come fall, I will be mimicking these dark, winter dresses and fancying myself as a Imperial romantic on the run. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYFW Suzanne Rae

photos by me taken on an iphone

Saw the Suzanne Rae presentation last night at the Philippine Consulate. The setting was in a majestic room dimly lit by the lights focused on the models. They stood still in stations all around the room on platforms with thick linens draped behind them. It was a fitting setting to keep all eyes on Rae's sleek and chic sport collection. Her collection was comprised of long, lean lines, neutrals and sorbet colors in thick, wool fabrications paired with patent leather shoes. The makeup was sweet with pink eyeliner swept under each model's eyes. Rosy pink cheeks and light pink lips are complimented by loose curls. I felt that the sweetness of the models' faces really tied the collection together and finished the image of the "feminine and strong woman." Hopefully, that's what Suzanne Rae was going for.