Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barney's Warehouse Sale: Loeffler Randall

shoes: loeffler randall

My first and unfortunately last find at the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Supposedly, starting next season, the warehouse sale will focus only on menswear. BUT, Barneys has a warehouse sale online that is 24/7, so I guess I can still snag some good deals. I'm so happy with my purchase. I was first introduced to Loeffler Randall during my internship at Nylon in the closet. While digging through the hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes, I remember coming across a beautiful fish scale pump and feeling my jaw drop to the floor. As the summer went by, whenever I saw a shoe that I secretly wanted to take home in the closet, it was none other than Loeffler Randall. So when I saw them at the warehouse, even though they weren't the Manolo steal that is rumored of this legendary sale, I held on to them knowing that they would deliver. As soon as I slipped my feet in and saw how these heels elongated my legs instead of awkwardly chopping them off at the ankles, I packed them up and headed to check out. I always knew I'd be a Loeffler girl...a girl of a certain kind of sophistication. 

Ever scored a great sale at Barney's or elsewhere?


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