Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Second look at Milly Fall'13

For Fall, Michelle Smith was inspired by lights at night, especially in the West Village. She took photos of lights and transposed them onto shirts and skirts. Isn't that amazing? She also added holograms and iridescence to leathers for the bright shine that neon street signs and lights create in the night pitted against dark, glittery cement. What I sincerely love about this collection is that it is all about New York. As silly as it sounds, sometimes I feel like I am in a relationship with New York, this strange kind of romance, and this collection is the perfect tribute. So come Fall (it's a very shop-able collection), I must get my hands on a holographic crocodile pullover, or an iridescent metallic black leather skirt, and wear it around nyc.

Sorry for the quick writing. I wrote a review on Milly's show for Second City Style that can be viewed here.


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