Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthday Outfit

one of a kind dress, mixology nyc necklace

Last Friday, I turned 23. To celebrate, I threw my first New York dinner party followed by drinks. Dinner parties are no joke. There's so much planning that goes into it, not to mention cooking in an NYC apartment's kitchen is no joke either. I tried to rush home after work to cook everything, and unfortunately couldn't finish before my guests came. They were all shocked when I ran downstairs to pick them up in a sweater and leggings. I was quite the mess, really. But, after my best friend swooped in to finish all the food and shoed me into my bedroom to get ready, I took a quick 20 minutes to redo makeup and slip into this. This dress instantly stood out in my closet for its bold stripes and unique color. But, what I also love about this dress is that it's one of a kind. Designed for someone I know when she was a young woman, who passed it down to me. It's a few decades old, but has amazing quality and feels new every time I put it on. Perfect for a birthday celebration.


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  1. The dress is divine - your birthday sounded like so much fun! :)