Sunday, April 28, 2013


plain black dress: random in korea, black sweater: gap, army printed jacket: urban outfitters, tights: hue, boots: vintage pollini

I love layering during any time of the year. My favorite season to layer is probably fall, but spring comes close too! Light layers--thin dresses with tights and jackets. Simple and incredibly comfortable. Last weekend was the perfect weather for spring layering! The sun was out, and provided enough warmth during the slightly chilly breeze. I spent the whole day out at Smorgasburg in dumbo. Sooooo happy, still grinning ear to ear thinking about my entire experience that day. Smorgasburg is a 'food flea' if you must. Like Brooklyn flea but with only foods and a ton of vendors. My friends and I did a once around the entire flea before choosing what we would try "this time." (We kept saying "in moderation, we'll be hard to control ourselves!) Everything we tried was amazing--filipino rolls, pork buns, brisket sandwiches, pretzel bread, chilled oysters and hibiscus flavored donuts.  I can still remember the chilled oysters sliding down my throat...I'm ready for the beach! Anyone else? 

I would go every weekend if it weren't time to start preparing for the beach :P


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Things

earrings: kate spade, purse: anthropologie, postcards: schiaparelli & prada at the met

Wonderful gifts from friends who really know me! Lately, life has been incredibly busy with so many changes and not enough time in one day. I constantly have to remind myself to stop working and take notice of all the little things around me. It's always the little things--like the ones above--that make me smile the most.